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2 Mar 2014
Ideas/Events Monthly events guide pages updated
10 Nov 2013
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from the 2013 switch on ceremony for the Regent Street Christmas Lights
19 Dec 2012
Ideas/Album/Whittlesea-Straw-Bear-Festival Photos from the 2012 Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival
5 Nov 2012
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from the 2012 switch on ceremony for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights
23 Feb 2012
Ideas/Album/Olney-Pancake-Race Photos from the 2012 Olney Pancake Race
8 Nov 2011
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from the 2011 switch on ceremony for the Regent Street Christmas Lights
1 Nov 2011
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from the 2011 switch on ceremony for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights
21 Mar 2011
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Umbrellas-Of-Cherbourg Guide to the London musical The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
18 Apr 2010
Life/Accommodation/London Information added about student accommodation in London
21 Feb 2010
Ideas/Album/ChineseNewYear Photos from the 2010 Chinese New Year celebrations in London
25 Jan 2010
English/Exams/PTE Information about the Pearsons Tests of English (PTE)
23 Jan 2010
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Legally-Blonde Guide to the London musical Legally Blonde
17 Jan 2010
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Dirty-Dancing Guide to the London musical Dirty Dancing
15 Jan 2010
Life/Sport/Darts Beginner's guide to the game of darts
19 Nov 2009
Ideas/Album/BondStreetLights Photos from the 2009 switch on ceremony for the Bond Street Christmas Lights
4 Nov 2009
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from the 2009 switch on ceremony for the Regent Street Christmas Lights
3 Nov 2009
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from the 2009 switch on ceremony for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights
3 Nov 2009
Ideas/Album/ChristmasLights2008 London's Christmas Lights events in 2008
1 Apr 2009
Life/Entertainment/Clubbing Guide to clubbing, for people who are new to the club scene
15 Mar 2009
Ideas/Album/StPatricksDay Photos from the 2009 St Patrick's Day Parade & Festival in London
12 Feb 2009
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Tickets Details of "A Night Less Ordinary": free theatre tickets for people under 26
1 Feb 2009
Ideas/Album/ChineseNewYear Photos from celebrations of the Chinese New Year
20 Jan 2009
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Thriller-Live Guide to the London musical Thriller Live, based on Michael Jackson songs
31 Dec 2008
Britain/Films/WallaceAndGromit Guide added for the short film "A Matter of Loaf And Death"
6 Dec 2008
Ideas/Album/PuddingRace Photos from the 2008 Great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden
4 Dec 2008
Ideas/Album/NorwegianTree Photos from the switch-on ceremony for the Norwegian Tree in Trafalgar Square
28 Nov 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Imagine-This Guide to the London musical Imagine This
20 Nov 2008
Ideas/Album/BondStreetLights Photos from the switch-on ceremony for the Bond Street Christmas Lights
12 Nov 2008
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from the switch-on ceremony for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights
7 Nov 2008
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from the switch-on ceremony for the Regent Street Christmas Lights
2 Nov 2008
Ideas/Album/County-Show Guide to county shows (agricultural shows)
16 Oct 2008
Ideas/Album/ParadeOfTheHeroes Photos of the parade by British Olympic and Paralympic athletes
11 Oct 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Carousel Guide to the London musical Carousel
30 Sep 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/We-Will-Rock-You Guide to the London musical We Will Rock You (based of songs by Queen)
24 Sep 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Never-Forget Guide to the London musical Never Forget (based of songs by Take That)
24 Sep 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Chicago Guide to the London musical Chicago
10 Sep 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Wicked Guide to the London musical Wicked (based on The Wizard of Oz)
10 Aug 2008
Prepare/Visa Explanation about the points-based system for student visas (Tier 4)
1 Aug 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Mamma-Mia Guide to the London musical Mamma Mia (based on Abba songs)
29 Jul 2008
Ideas/Album/Village-Fete Guide to the Innocent Village Fete and similar UK fairs
28 Jul 2008
Travel/Tours/England/Cambridge Photos and information added to page about Cambridge
28 Jul 2008
Travel/Tours/England/Grantchester Photos and information added to page about Grantchester
22 Jul 2008
Ideas/Album/Proms Guide to Proms concerts
12 Jul 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Jersey-Boys Guide to the London musical Jersey Boys (about the Four Seasons)
29 Jun 2008
Britain/Films/Brief-Encounter Guide to the film (and stage show) "Brief Encounter"
22 Jun 2008
Ideas/Album/West-End-Live Photos of musicals, taken at the 2008 West End Live event
6 Jun 2008
Life/Entertainment/Concerts List added of free concerts in London during summer 2008
21 May 2008
Ideas/Album/ChelseaFlowerShow/2008 Photos from the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show
7 May 2008
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Buddy Guide to the London musical Buddy
29 Apr 2008
Britain/Music/Pop Links added to songs/music videos in A-Z list of British pop acts
19 Apr 2008
Ideas/Album/StGeorgesDay Photos added from the 2008 Festival for Saint George
24 Mar 2008
Ideas/Album/Easter-Sunday Traditions in the UK on Easter Sunday
22 Mar 2008
Ideas/Album/Good-Friday Traditions in the UK on Good Friday
12 Feb 2008
Ideas/Album/PancakeRace Photos and information for the Parliamentary Pancake Race
10 Feb 2008
Ideas/Album/ChineseNewYear Photos added from Chinese New Year celebrations in 2008
8 Jan 2008
Course/Bogus-Schools Information about bogus schools and how to spot them
30 Dec 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Saltaire Visitor guide to Saltaire in West Yorkshire
30 Dec 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Bradford Visitor guide to Bradford in West Yorkshire
20 Dec 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Tickets Details added about West End theatres: maps, seating plans etc
20 Dec 2007
Links/Schengen Countries which have joined the Schengen Area added
18 Dec 2007
Travel/Tours/Dates Details added about tours in 2008
11 Dec 2007
Travel/Transport/London London bus and Tube fares for 2008 added
22 Nov 2007
Ideas/Album/BondStreetLights Photos from the 2007 Bond Street Xmas Lights switch-on
20 Nov 2007
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from the 2007 Regent Street Xmas Lights switch-on
15 Nov 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Phantom-Of-The-Opera Guide to the stage musical The Phantom of the Opera
8 Nov 2007
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from the 2007 Oxford Street Xmas Lights switch-on
28 Oct 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Sound-Of-Music Guide to the stage musical The Sound of Music
21 Oct 2007
Ideas/Album/Eid Photos from Eid In The Square 2007
20 Oct 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Les-Miserables Guide to the stage musical Les Miserables
17 Oct 2007
Travel/Tours/London/Parliament Information added about the Clock Tower and Big Ben
15 Oct 2007
Ideas/Album/Simcha Photos of 2007 Jewish cultural event: Simcha on the Square
13 Oct 2007
Ideas/Diary/Paris-Trip A visit to Paris by a group of Japanese students
8 Oct 2007
Ideas/Events/December Events information for December 2007 added
2 Oct 2007
Travel/Tours/Company/AndersonToursSchedule Tour dates added for Oct 2007 - Feb 2008
16 Sep 2007
Ideas/Album/ThamesFestival Photos added from the 2007 Thames Festival
24 Aug 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Leeds Visitor guide to Leeds in West Yorkshire
24 Aug 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Otley Visitor guide to Otley in West Yorkshire
1 Aug 2007
Travel/Accommodation/Homestay Short stays in British homes for overseas travellers/students
31 Jul 2007
Travel/Tours/London/Parliament More photos/information on the Houses of Parliament
29 Jul 2007
Ideas/Album/Pakistan-Independence-Day Celebration of 60 years of Pakistani independence
28 Jul 2007
Travel/Tours/London/BuckinghamPalace More photos/information on Buckingham Palace
16 Jul 2007
Ideas/Album/Turkish-Fest Turkish Festival in London
14 Jul 2007
Travel/Tours/France/Reims Guide to Reims in the Champagne region of France
9 Jul 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Manchester Updated guide for visitors to Manchester
23 Jun 2007
Ideas/Album/West-End-Live West End Live: London theatre event
20 Jun 2007
Ideas/Album/Dano Korean festival in Trafalgar Square
16 Jun 2007
Ideas/Album/TroopingTheColour Photos added from the 2007 Trooping the Colour
10 Jun 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Lord-Of-The-Rings The musical "The Lord of the Rings"
6 Jun 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Avenue-Q The musical comedy "Avenue Q"
3 Jun 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Tintagel Photos of Tintagel in Cornwall
2 Jun 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Eden-Project Photos of the Eden Project in Cornwall
23 May 2007
Ideas/Album/ChelseaFlowerShow/2007 Photos from the 2007 Chelsea Flower Show
21 May 2007
Travel/Tours/Paris/Pere-Lachaise Photos from Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris
20 May 2007
Travel/Tours/Paris/Montparnasse Montparnasse Tower and Cemetery in Paris
19 May 2007
Life/Sport/Football Photos added of Wembley Stadium
7 May 2007
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Mary-Poppins Guide to the stage musical Mary Poppins
6 May 2007
Ideas/Album/Brighton-Festival Photos from the Brighton Festival / Brighton Festival Fringe
22 Apr 2007
Travel/Tours/Paris/Montparnasse Sightseeing in the Montparnasse quarter of Paris
8 Apr 2007
Travel/Tours/London/Cruise Information and photos added for a River Thames cruise
25 Mar 2007
Travel/Tours/England/Chester Visitor guide to Chester
20 Mar 2007
Travel/Tours/Wales/North Updated visitor guide to North Wales
16 Mar 2007
Travel/Tours/London/TrafalgarSquare Visitor guide to Trafalgar Square in London
18 Feb 2007
Ideas/Album/ChineseNewYear Photos from the 2007 Chinese New Year celebrations
11 Feb 2007
Travel/Tours/Netherlands/Keukenhof The flower gardens of Keukenhof (Netherlands)
6 Feb 2007
Travel/Tours/Dates Dates of UK/Europe tours in 2007 added
18 Jan 2007
Ideas/Album/HighlandGames Photos from Scottish Highland Games
7 Jan 2007
Britain/Films/MissPotter Guide to Miss Potter, the film about Beatrix Potter
29 Dec 2006
Travel/Tours/Company/GTS GTS Tours (Greene's Travel Services) 2007 schedule
17 Dec 2006
Work/Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship: starting a business in the UK
8 Dec 2006
Ideas/Album/NorwegianTree Norwegian Tree ceremony in Trafalgar Square 2006
5 Dec 2006
Travel/Transport/London London Tube and bus fares for 2007 added
1 Dec 2006
Travel/Tours/Switzerland/Grindelwald Visitor guide to Grindelwald (Switzerland)
26 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/Switzerland/Unspunnen Photos from a traditional Swiss festival in Interlaken
23 Nov 2006
Ideas/Album/BondStreetLights Photos from Bond Street Christmas Lights 2006
17 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Exeter Visitor guide to Exeter (Devon)
16 Nov 2006
Ideas/Album/CoventGardenLights Photos from Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2006
14 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/North Map added for tour pages for North England
14 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/SouthEast Map added for tour pages for South East England
14 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/SouthWest Map added for tour pages for South West England
13 Nov 2006
Ideas/Album/Crufts Dog shows: Crufts and Discover Dogs
10 Nov 2006
Ideas/Album/OxfordStreetLights Photos from Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2006
8 Nov 2006
Ideas/Album/RegentStreetLights Photos from Regent Street Christmas Lights 2006
8 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Eastbourne Visitor guide to Eastbourne (East Sussex)
7 Nov 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Lewes Visitor guide to Lewes (East Sussex)
31 Oct 2006
Ideas/Events Events for January-May 2007 added
31 Oct 2006
Ideas/Calendar Free 2007 calendar (pages can be printed)
28 Oct 2006
Ideas/Album/Eid Photos from Eid in the Square
28 Oct 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Plymouth Visitor guide to Plymouth (Devon)
15 Oct 2006
Ideas/Album/Diwali Photos added from Diwali on the Square 2006
10 Oct 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Hull Visitor guide to Hull (East Yorkshire)
10 Oct 2006
Travel/Tours/England/EastYorkshire Visitor guide to the East Riding of Yorkshire
10 Oct 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Scarborough Visitor guide to Scarborough (North Yorkshire)
18 Sep 2006
Ideas/Album/Simcha Simcha in the Square: Jewish music festival in London
16 Sep 2006
Ideas/Album/ThamesFestival Photos added for the Thames Festival
26 Aug 2006
Ideas/Album/Tattoo Photos/information about the Edinburgh Military Tattoo
13 Aug 2006
Ideas/Album/KoreanFestival Photos from the Korean Festival in Kingston-upon-Thames
11 Aug 2006
Life/Post New postal charges for letters / large letters explained
8 Aug 2006
Travel/Tours/London/BuckinghamPalace Visitor guide to Buckingham Palace
7 Aug 2006
Ideas/Album/Fruitstock Photos from the Fruitstock music festival in 2006
6 Aug 2006
Ideas/Album/CarnavalDelPueblo Latin American festival Carnival del Pueblo in London
2 Aug 2006
Travel/Tours/London/Parliament Visitor guide to the Houses of Parliament
28 Jul 2006
English/Exams Updated information about studying for EFL exams
22 Jul 2006
Travel/Tours/Wales/Swansea Visitor guide to Swansea and the Gower Peninsula
4 Jul 2006
Life/Entertainment/Concerts Details added about free concerts in London's parks in summer
3 Jul 2006
Life/Entertainment/Museums Details of the "Bejewelled by Tiffany" exhibition
1 Jul 2006
Ideas/Album/Pride Photos from EuroPride celebrations in London
29 Jun 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Keswick Photos of the northern/western Lake District (around Keswick)
26 Jun 2006
Ideas/Album/GarterDay Photos from Garter Day in Windsor Castle
26 Jun 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Carlisle Visitor guide to Carlisle and north Cumbria
17 Jun 2006
Ideas/Album/TroopingTheColour Photos from Trooping the Colour in 2006 added
29 May 2006
Britain/Films/DaVinciCode Guide to the film The Da Vinci Code
23 May 2006
Ideas/Album/ChelseaFlowerShow Photos from the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show
16 May 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Coventry Visitor guide to the city of Coventry
16 May 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Warwick Additional photos/text added to visitor guide to Warwick
11 May 2006
Life/Entertainment/Museums The new exhibition of John Constable's paintings at the Tate
10 May 2006
Prepare/Citizenship Basic information about applying for British citizenship
18 Apr 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Stonehenge New photos added for Avebury and Silbury Hill
18 Apr 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Bath New photos added for Bath cruises and farmers market
18 Apr 2006
Travel/Tours/England/Cotswolds New photos added for Bibury and Bourton-on-the-Water
10 Apr 2006
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/Producers Guide to the musical "The Producers"
9 Apr 2006
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/BlueManGroup Guide to the performance art show "Blue Man Group"
9 Apr 2006
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/LionKing Guide to the musical "The Lion King"
31 Mar 2006
Life/Entertainment/Theatre/PeteAndDud Guide to the play "Pete and Dud: Come Again"
25 Mar 2006
Travel/Tours/Company/Kumuka Details added of Kumuka tours within Europe
21 Mar 2006
Travel/Transport/Train Maps added showing Eurail and InterRail areas
19 Mar 2006
Travel/Tours/Netherlands/TheHague Visitor information for The Hague (Netherlands)
13 Mar 2006
Life/Entertainment/Festivals Guide to the major rock festivals in the UK
12 Mar 2006
Ideas/Album/JackInTheGreen Photo guide to Jack-in-the-Green in Hastings
8 Mar 2006
Personal/Relationships/Friends Details of the "UK Student Life: Friends" service
23 Feb 2006
Life/Entertainment/Museums Museums and galleries in the UK
22 Feb 2006
Life/Entertainment/Concerts Guide to seeing a concert in the UK
20 Feb 2006
Britain/Weather Description of the British weather
15 Feb 2006
Travel/Tours/Netherlands/Delft Visitor guide to Delft in the Netherlands
12 Feb 2006
Life/Sport/Football Football vocabulary section added
12 Feb 2006
Life/Sport/Rugby Rugby vocabulary section added
11 Feb 2006
Life/Entertainment/Theatre Guide to going to see a musical or show at a UK theatre
29 Jan 2006
Ideas/Album/ChineseNewYear2006 Pictures from the 2006 Chinese New Year event
8 Jan 2006
BBS Forum New BBS version of the message board
5 Jan 2006
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