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Crufts dog shows


The Kennel Club organises a number of dog shows in the UK. The most famous of these is Crufts: the largest dog show in the world. It also stages a fun / educational event called Discover Dogs.

In 2012 Crufts will be at the NEC in Birmingham from Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 March 2012

The next Discover Dogs event will be at Earls Court in London from Saturday 10 - Sunday 11 November 2012

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(c) The Kennel Club
Handlers show their dogs to the judges
(c) The Kennel Club
Best in Show wins the Crufts trophy

Crufts is the largest dog show in the UK and attracts international as well as British entries. Show competitions are divided into group categories: * Working dogs * Pastoral dogs * Terriers * Hounds * Toy dogs * Utility dogs * Gundogs.
The dog judged best in each group goes forward into the final. The winner is given the title Best in Show and is awarded the Crufts trophy.

The Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards
Author: The Kennel Club
Publisher: Ebury Press
Date: March 2003

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Scruffts is a fun national competition for crossbreeds (dogs whose parents are of two different breeds or are not from a breed). The Grand Final is held at Discover Dogs. Categories are: * Most Handsome Dog * Prettiest Bitch * Child's Best Friend * Golden Oldie.

Each contestant is given a short interview
(above: Matt Baker, former Blue Peter presenter)

Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year
2006: Dylan (owned by Mandy Blake )

Winner of the Scruffts
Golden Oldie award in 2006

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The Companion Dog Club, organised by the Kennel Club, is open to all dogs and their owners. One of the benefits enjoyed by members is that they can take part in special fun events at dog shows. The photos below were taken at the Best Double Act competition at Discover Dogs 2006.

Del Boy and Rodney
(Only Fools and Horses)

Has this dog
got the X Factor?

of the Caribbean

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Dog agility competitions were first introduced at Crufts, and have now spread to many parts of the world (34 countries competed in the 2006 world championships). Dogs must go around a course of obstacles - the trainer runs with the dog to show the correct order. Some of the obstacles for the dogs involve weaving through a series of poles, passing through tunnels and jumping over fences. The winner is the dog who completes the course in the fastest time (there are penalties added each time that a mistake is made).

(c) The Kennel Club
(c) The Kennel Club

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Guidance on how to train dogs is available at some of the dog shows. Obedience competitions test the ability of handlers to control their pets, for example by sitting, waiting or fetching an object.

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Displays are a popular feature of many dog shows. Heel to Music is a type of demonstration in which dogs stay close to the trainer and follow a series of commands in time to music, making them appear to dance.

(c) The Kennel Club
Mary Ray and four dogs
gives a Heel to Music display at Crufts

Southern Golden Retriever Society:
a choreographed obedience display

Dancing with Dogs
Authors: Mary Ray, Andrea McHugh
Publisher: Hamlyn
Date: September 2006
Dog Tricks
Authors: Mary Ray, Justine Harding
Publisher: Hamlyn
Date: November 2005

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At both Crufts and Discover Dogs there are many trade stands to visit. Charities with displays include the RSPCA, Blue Cross, the Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. All kinds of products connected with dogs can be bought, for example dog food, collars or pet insurance.

Trade stands at Discover Dogs

The RSPCA: preventing cruelty to animals

Visitors can also see many different pedigree breeds of dog and talk to breeders. 180 different breeds attended Discover Dogs 2006.

Yorkshire terrier



In 2005 the Kennel Club listed the following as the top 20 breeds in the UK. Click on a link to find a Kennel Club guidebook for that breed:

(9) Boxer
(13) Lhasa Apso
(14) Shih Tzu
(15) Yorkshire Terrier
(16) Doberman Pinscher
(17) Bull Terrier
(18) Bulldog
(19) Weimaraner
(20) Whippet

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The Kennel Club:
The Young Kennel Club (YKC):
(this is a club for people aged between 6 and 24 who are interested in owning, training and caring for dogs)
Companion Dog Club:

Tickets for Crufts can be bought: here
Crufts official website:
The NEC (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham):

Tickets for Discover Dogs can be bought here
Scruffts official website:
Earls Court:

Pet charities:
Blue Cross:
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home:

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