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Reading a daily or weekly newspaper is a good way to study British English and to learn about the UK's culture.

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The most popular national British newspapers are shown below.
Those listed first are more conservative, while those at the end are more liberal / socialist.

Popular papers (also known as tabloids) mainly cover UK gossip, entertainment and sports news. They are written using casual English (the use of slang can make them difficult to understand for foreigners). Articles are often short and illustrated with pictures.

Quality papers (also known as broadsheets, because the pages used to be larger) mainly cover serious news stories, both in the UK and internationally. They are written using formal English. Articles may be longer, but the range of vocabulary is greater.

The Daily Telegraph (daily quality newspaper):
The Daily Mail (daily mid-market newspaper):
The Financial Times (daily quality newspaper):
The Times (daily quality newspaper):
The Sun (daily popular newspaper):
The Independent (daily quality newspaper):
The Daily Mirror (daily popular newspaper):
The Guardian (daily quality newspaper):

Weekend newspapers appearing on Saturday or Sunday often contain many more sections than daily newspapers, including free magazines or television guides. The Saturday edition of the Financial Times has more general articles than the weekday editions, which are mainly about business stories.

Local newspapers may contain useful information and advertisements, and are usually written in a simple style.
Metro is a free newpaper which is distributed in the mornings in London and other urban areas in the UK (copies are usually placed near stations). See:
The Evening Standard is the main evening newspaper in London:
There are also two free afternoon newspapers: The London Paper: and The London Lite

Some British newspapers also produce weekly international editions which you can buy outside the UK:
The Weekly Telegraph:
The Guardian Weekly (see below)

The Economist (see below): this weekly magazine discusses general international current affairs as well as business and finance stories.

Weekly news magazines/papers
The Economist
Subject: international current affairs
Weekly magazine
Student subsciptions available (6 months, 1 year, 3 years)
(Magazine's website:
Guardian Weekly
Subject: summary of the week's news stories
Weekly newspaper
Student subsciptions available (6 months, 1 year)
(Newspaper's website:
For help with buying: Shop/Company/NordicSubs

BBC World Service produce a free English lessons based on current news events at:

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