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Haworth is a small village with a population of about 5,000 in West Yorkshire, not far from Bradford. It is located in a set of hills known as the Pennines, just outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The area around the village is often known as Brontë Country, because three famous novelists called the Brontë sisters spent much of their lives there.

Haworth: A History
Author: Steven Wood
Publisher: Tempus Publishing
Date: March 2005
Bronte Country [2002] (DVD)
Studio: Delta Music
Date: September 2002
video version

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The Brontë sisters were born in the nearby town of Thornton, but in 1820 the family moved to Haworth and it remained their home until 1861. The three daughters - Emily, Charlotte and Anne - each wrote books, often inspired by the countryside which surrounded them. "Wuthering Heights" (by Emily Brontë) is perhaps the most famous example: it is the story of the relationship between a woman called Catherine and a man called Heathcliffe, set on the moors near Haworth.

The family lived in Haworth Parsonage, now known as the Brontë Parsonage. The building is now used as a museum about the lives and works of the Brontë sisters.

Haworth Parsonage:
a Georgian house

Entrance sign for the
Brontë Parsonage Museum

Wuthering Heights (book)
Author: Emily Bronte
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date: October 2004
Wuthering Heights [1939] (DVD)
Studio: MGM Home Ent. (Europe)
Date: July 2004
video version
Jane Eyre (book)
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date: January 1994
Jane Eyre [1996] (DVD)
Studio: Pathe Distribution
Date: June 2003
video version
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (book)
Author: Anne Bronte
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date: March 1994
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall [1996] (Video)
Studio: BBC
Date: June 2003

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The father of the Brontë sisters was a parson (priest) at the local parish church. This church was demolished in 1879, but another church was built on the same site soon afterwards: this is the building which you can see today. Most of the members of the Brontë family are buried in a vault under the floor (Anne is buried in Scarborough): there is a stone inscription and a plaque above this.

The Brontë sisters' father used
to work in Haworth Parish Church

Part of the old church tower was used
when the new church was built in 1879

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The streets of Haworth are very attractive. Visitors enjoy browsing in the shops or sitting down for tea or a meal.

This cobbled street has a fine view
of the Pennine hills

Three features of a Victorian village: a post office,
red public telephone and drug store (apothecary)

The Old Apothecary is now used as a gift shop
selling traditional English products

Sit down and enjoy some Yorkshire tea,
or for a roast meal with Yorkshire pudding

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The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is a steam railway running for 5 miles (8 kilometres) between Keighley and Oxenhope, stopping at Haworth. Services run at weekends, bank holidays and daily during July and August.

This railway featured in the popular 1970 film version of E.Nesbit's story "The Railway Children" (starring Jenny Agutter). The stationmaster in the film (Mr Perks) was shown working at Oakworth station, which is the stop before Haworth. The doctor's house in the film was Brontë Parsonage Museum (see above). A brochure showing walks which visit places shown in the film is available from Haworth Tourist Information Centre.

The Railway Children (book)
Author: E. Nesbit
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date: April 1995
The Railway Children [1970]/Swallows and Amazons [1974]
Studio: Warner Home Video
Date: April 2003; video version
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (book)
Author: Mike Heath
Publisher: Halsgrove
Date: April 2005
Best of Britain's Steam Railways (book)
Publisher: AA Publishing
Date: June 2005

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* Visitor information
Visit Brontë Country:
Brontë Country website: (Haworth section:
Haworth Village:
Brontë Parsonage Museum:
Haworth youth hostel:
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway:

* Transportation
- You may want to travel from Leeds to Keighley and then take the steam train to Haworth, if trains are running on the day of your visit
For train timetables and to buy a ticket online, see: Shop/Company/TheTrainline
- National coach services go to Bradford or Keighley, from where you can take local bus services to Haworth
For coach timetables and to buy a ticket online, see: Shop/Company/NationalExpress

* Weather forecast for Keighley (near Haworth)

* More photos
360 degree panoramic pictures:

Lonely Planet verdict: Haworth
"Former home to the 19th century's novel-writing Bronte sisters, Haworth rivals Stratford-upon-Avon as Britain's most important literary shrine ... Even without this bookish link, Haworth would still draw visitors: the dark-stone houses of cobbled Main St, running steeply down from the parish church, provide a quintessential West Yorkshire view"
(extracts from "Lonely Planet Great Britain - 2003 edition", used with permission)
Lonely Planet Great Britain
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications
Date: May 2009
Lonely Planet England
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications
Date: March 2009
Other Lonely Planet publications

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