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This web-site has been created as a personal initiative by Mark Chandler.
Born in the South of England in 1965, I studied maths/management studies at Cambridge University.
I worked in the market risk department of a bank from 1991- 2002.
Since mid-2002 I have been working on this website.
I also organise the London International Meetup:
If you have any comments or ideas about the site, please send an E-mail to Mark.

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Please state clearly what company or product is to be promoted.
The following banner types are accepted:

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£180 for 1 week on every page of the website
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Banners placed on a single page must be relevant to the topic on that page, and the minimum advertising period is 1 year.
Banners placed on every page of the website are for a minimum of 1 week (starting/ending at midnight on Sunday).

The UK Student Life website receives over 400,000 visits per month (source: Google Analytics, October 2010)

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Below is a list of some of the characteristics of this site:

The website has been created mainly to help people who come to the UK from other countries.

Target audience
The site is for anyone who has an interest in British culture and life. Many of the pages will be relevant to British people as well as those from other countries, to people of any age, and to people of all backgrounds. The website will be especially useful for international students at British universities or language schools - but you do not have to be a student!

The author of this website is not a member of any company, government department, religious group or school/university. The website has been financed by the author himself.

There is no charge for using this website, so that everybody can enjoy it. The site is full of information that may save you money.

Many websites concentrate on the United States and use American English, but this one concentrates on the United Kingdom. It will help you if you want to learn British English or to find out about British culture.

Simple English
Many websites are written in English which is very complicated. This site is written in a clear way, so that non-native English speakers can understand it. Links are provided to free online dictionaries and translation tools.

Hundreds of original photos have been used on the website, mostly taken by the website's author. The pictures aim to show various aspects of British life in a realistic way.

This site is for people from any country. Pages of useful links are provided for people from most parts of the world. The introduction page has been written in several languages. The site reflects the multicultural nature of the UK: for example, it includes major public events organised by different communities.

This is not a book or brochure which has been put on the web. It has been written for the internet. It contains thousands of carefully chosen links, both to other parts of the site and to other websites which will be useful if you want more information.

This site doesn't just give general advice. It gives practical details: it doesn't assume you already know how to do things. It has been written by talking to many people about their own experiences, and whenever possible the author has personally tried the things that are suggested.

This site covers a very wide range of subjects which are important for people coming to the UK. It considers all of the main aspects of study, work and private life. It gives information for people coming to the UK to study or to travel, or to work as an au pair, volunteer, nurse, teacher or in any part-time or full-time job. There should be something useful to you whatever your background. You can use the search tool to find relevant pages on most subjects.

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The author wishes to thank the many people who have helped him, including the many international students who have discussed their experiences of living in the UK. In particular, thank you to the following students for allowing me to interview them in detail: Tomomi Masumoto, Kaori Chikama, Reeko Taira, Mayumi Iida, Masahiro Takeshima, Yuko Sakai, Naoko Akizuki, Kazuko Ishigaki, Mami Akasegawa, Huijin Kim, Sangwon Yoo, Michiyo Mori, Lixin Rong, Kazue Nishizawa.

Thank you also to the translators of the introduction page:
Japanese: Tomomi Masumoto; Korean: Chaeran Kwon; Simplified Chinese: Zhelei Li; Traditional Chinese: Jack Wong; Spanish: Harsha Krishnan; Portuguese: Maurinone Mendes; French: Nathalie Gleisberg; German: Jochen Theis; Italian: Lorenzo Liesch; Russian: Alexander Panin; Polish: Dominik Janes; Czech: Jan Baloun; Arabic: Mohamad Barazi

The copyright owner of images (if not UK Student Life) is shown in the Alt text, which appears when the cursor is placed over an image.
Most of the photos were taken by the website's author, who retains the copyright on these.
To request use of any of the images, send an e-mail to Mark.

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Photos were taken using a Panasonic Lumix digital camera

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The information contained on this website is presented in good faith for general guidance. No liability can be accepted for any loss or expense which results from relying on this information. Laws and regulations change: readers should check the current position with the relevant authorities before making personal arrangements (links to the websites of relevant government and other authorities are provided on this website). We are not responsible for the contents of the sites to which this site provides links, or for the quality of services provided by those sites.

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