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Social events in London

* London International Meetup

Are you studying or working abroad in London, or are you a British person who is interested in meeting people from other countries? Then join the monthly London International Meetup.
You can register for the next event at this website: (see below for instructions on how to join a group on
There is no membership charge - you just pay the fees for the events which you join.
This social group is organised by the author of this website (Mark).

How to join a group on

The process below explains how to join a social group on

(1) Find a meetup group you want to join by searching for groups in your location at

You will see a box on the screen which is similar to one of the ones shown below.
If you have not already registered with you will see the larger box. You need to enter your Name (the one you want to be shown to others), Email address (any messages from, organisers or members will be sent to this address), and a Password (this will be the password to enter Click on the box next to "I agree to the Terms of Service" (you can use the link to read the terms of service). Finally, click on the "Join us!" box, and follow the instructions in (2) below.
If you have already registered with you will see the smaller box. You need to click on the "Join us!" box, then skip to (5) in the instructions below.

(2) A new screen like the one below will appear, telling you that an e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address you entered on the previous screen.

(3) Go to your e-mail service, find the message sent by, and open it. You must click on the link in the message

(4) You have now registered with, and have become a member of the meetup group which you wanted to join. Click on the "Let's go" button.

(5) You will be shown a new screen where you can introduce yourself: write a short explanation of why you want to join this group, and upload a photo if you want. The organiser of this meetup may have asked some more questions which are specific to this group - it is helpful if you answer these. There are also options for the mailing list - you can choose either to receive messages as they are sent, in one daily e-mail, or not at all (if you only join a few meetup groups then receiving messages as they are sent is recommended, if you join many then one daily e-mail is recommended). There may also be options for the group's message board (if it has one). Click on the "Save" button to save your choices.

(6) Click on "Calendar" to see a list of future meetings that are being organised. Click on one of these to see details.

(7) For each event you will see a box like the one shown below. This is where you say if you will be coming to that meeting. Usually there are 3 options: Yes, Maybe or No. You may also be able to bring guests with you (sometimes this is not allowed, or there is a limit on how many guests you can bring). After you have made your choices, click on "RSVP for this Meetup" (RSVP means "reply"). You will be able to change your reply later if necessary.

(8) Some events have a charge. Sometimes you pay directly at the event (you should take the correct money), or sometimes you need to pay in advance. If there is a "Pay with PayPal" link you can pay online through PayPal using a credit card or debit card (you do not need your own PayPal account). Check the refund policy of your organiser - if he/she has to buy tickets in advance then you may not be able to get a refund if you do not go, unless somebody else can be found to take your place.

If you want to change your e-mail/message board settings, to leave a Meetup group, or to unsubscribe completely from, go to

* London Irish Network

A social activities club in London for people from Ireland, people with an Irish connection, or people who simply have an interest in Irish culture (you do not have to be Irish). There are weekly activities in the following areas: music, theatre, clubs, pubs, restaurants and country walking. There are also occasional weekends away and trips abroad. For details, see:

* Euroclub

Club organising conversation evenings in the main European languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian) in a quiet wine bar or café, plus walks, meals and other social events.
For details, see:

* London IVC

A social activities network in London. On most days there are events you can join which are organised by members.
For details, see:

* My Connect Club

A social club (arts, theatre, restaurant, sports and leisure activities) for young professionals in London.
For details, see:

* Gordon's International Friends in London

Gordon Beal organises a regular programme of social activities in London: international students are welcome to attend these.
For a list of these events, see:

* City Socialising

A commercial service organising social events in London.
For details, see:

* CLOG (Central London Outdoor Group)

CLOG is a club for people in London who are interested in outdoor activities, and also organises social events in central London.
For details, see:

* London Adventure Group

A London-based club which organises a programme of weekend trips involving activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports.
For details, see:

* Metropolitan Walkers

A walking group for people in their 20s and 30s who live in London. It's part of the Ramblers’ Association.
For details, see:

* Saturday Walkers' Club

Saturday Walkers' Club. People meet up on a Saturday or Sunday (and sometimes midweek) to follow one of the walks listed within the "Time Out" book of country walks. For details of this week's walks and how to join them, see:

* Rotaract Club

Rotaract clubs are for people aged 18-30. As well as taking part in social and sports events, members also get involved in activities to support the community or charities. Rotaract is an international organisation, with clubs throughout the world. In London there are currently the following clubs:
[ there are also clubs in other parts of the UK:; the international website is: ]

If you are over 30 you can join a Rotary club:
[ there are also clubs in other parts of the UK:; the international website is:]
Rotary clubs in some areas also organise Interact clubs, which are for people aged 14-18.


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