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Links / Arab
Useful links for people from Arab League countries who visit the UK or study British English

Buy products connected with Arab League countries and the UK:
Electronic dictionary / translator (Arabic/English) ; Flight ;
Cheap international call (UK to Arab countries)

Exchange rates: (1) Local currency => UK pounds (GBP), (2) UK pounds (GBP) => Local currency
Algeria ALL GBP; Bahrain BHD GBP; Comoros KMF GBP; Djibouti DJF GBP; Egypt EGP GBP; Iraq IQD GBP; Jordan JOD GBP; Kuwait KWD GBP; Lebanon LBP GBP; Libya LYD GBP; Mauritania MRO GBP, Morocco MAD GBP; Oman OMR GBP; Qatar QAR GBP; Saudi Arabia SAR GBP; Somalia SOS GBP; Sudan SDD GBP; Syria SYP GBP; Tunisia TND GBP; United Arab Emirates AED GBP; Yemen YER GBP

Subject Name Website address
Studying in the UK British Council: Arabic site
  British Council: Bahrain
  British Council: Egypt
  British Council: Iraq
  British Council: Jordan
  British Council: Kuwait
  British Council: Lebanon
  British Council: Libya
  British Council: Morocco
  British Council: Oman
  British Council: Qatar
  British Council: Saudi Arabia
  British Council: Sudan
  British Council: Syria
  British Council: Tunisia
  British Council: UAE
  British Council: Yemen
Tourist information Visit Britain (Arabic)
  Visit Britain (English)
Visa application UK Visas
UK in Arab countries British Embassy
News BBC (Arabic)
  BBC (Somali)
Writing Arabic on a PC Summitsoft
Arabic e-mail/search Muftah Alhuruf
Arab links in the UK Middle East UK
  Muslim Council of Britain
  Arab-British Centre
Life in England Multikulti (Arabic)
  Multikulti (Somali)
  Saudi Students in the UK
  Saudi Students Clubs & Schools
  Salaam (Muslim web portal)
Middle Eastern restaurants in London London Eating
Moroccan restaurants in London London Eating
North African restaurants in London London Eating
Arabic restaurants in London London Eating
Arabic/English newspaper London Time
Sharia'a compliant bank Islamic Bank of Britain
Social clubs London Arabic Language Meetup

Community information

The largest Islamic Centre in Britain is: London Central Islamic Centre and the London Central Mosque (also known as Regent's Park Mosque), 146 Park Road, London NW8: (nearest Tube station: St John's Wood). It has a good information centre, and a lot of the Muslim community gather together here, especially on Fridays.

There is a large Arabic community around Edgware Road in Marylebone W2.
The largest Moroccan centre in London is in North Kensington SW8, with shops and businesses centred around Golborne Road.

For further information about the Arab community in London:
For further information about the Somalian community in London:
For further information about the Islamic community in London:


Introduction to this website in Arabic: Introduction/Arabic
Introduction to this website in French: Introduction/French
Becoming a French language teaching assistant in the UK (for Tunisians): Work/Job/Teacher
Useful links for French speakers: Links/France

Other useful links: Links/UK
Following a religion in the UK: Personal/Religion
Eid in the Square: Ideas/Album/Eid

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