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Things to do in the UK in October 2014


In October the days are rapidly becoming shorter and temperatures are falling. Leaves are falling from the trees. It is time perhaps to start wearing a coat when you go out. Don't forget that the clocks are changed near the end of the month. The mornings are brighter, but you will notice that it is dark earlier in the afternoon (some people find that this makes them feel a bit depressed). If you have just started a course at a college or university, this is time to work hard because it is important to make a good start - if you are having problems, ask for advice or support from teachers or friends.

Applying for tickets to the Edinburgh Hogmanay (at the end of December):
Tickets for this year's Edinburgh Hogmanay (New Year's celebrations) start to go on sale this month. For details of this event and how to buy tickets, see: See also: Ideas/Album/Hogmanay

Events continuing this month:

Fri 29 Aug -
Sun 9 Nov 2014
Blackpool Illuminations, Blackpool
The seaside town of Blackpool is decorated with lights along 6 miles of the sea front. On the first night the lights are switched on by a celebrity. See:
* Photos of Blackpool: Travel/Tours/England/Blackpool

Events starting this month:

Wed 1 Oct -
Fri 31 Oct 2014
Black History Month (also known as African History Month), across the UK
Each October there are events across the UK to celebrate the contributions of the black communities both now and in recent history. For further details and a listing of events, see:

Wed 8 Oct -
Sun 19 Oct 2014
London Film Festival, London
Previews of British and international films, plus interviews with film-makers and other events. For details and on-line booking (from early October), see: Some of the films are also shown later on tours in major cities around Britain.
* British films: Britain/Films
* Cinemas: Life/Entertainment/Films

Thu 9 Oct -
Sat 11 Oct 2014
UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Games, Europe
The second games are played between pairs of national teams from the 9 qualifying groups for the Euro 2016 football competition.
* Information about football in the UK: Life/Sport/Football

Thu 9 Oct 2014 UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Games
England play San Marino. Kick-off is at 7:45pm (UK time)

Fri 10 Oct -
Sat 11 Oct 2014
National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition, London
A chance to meet UK companies which offer jobs to graduates and to obtain information about job applications and careers. This event is at London's Olympia (nearest Tube: Kensington Olympia; map). For further information and to pre-register, see:

Sun 12 Oct -
Tue 14 Oct 2014
UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Games, Europe
The third games are played between pairs of national teams from the 9 qualifying groups for the Euro 2016 football competition.
* Information about football in the UK: Life/Sport/Football

Sun 12 Oct 2014 UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Games
Estonia play England. Kick-off is at 5:00pm (UK time)

Sun 12 Oct 2014 World Conker Championships, Oundle (near Peterborough)
The traditional autumn game of conkers is celebrated at the World Conker Championships, on the second Sunday of October.


Tue 14 Oct 2014 The London Graduate Recruitment Fair Autumn, London
A jobs fair in central London for graduates or university/college students. For details, see:
* Guide to looking for a job: Work/Search

Fri 17 Oct -
Sun 19 Oct 2014
The Language Show, London
An exhibition for people who are interested in learning or teaching a foreign language, held at London's Olympia (nearest Tube: Kensington Olympia; map). For details see:

Thu 23 Oct 2014 Diwali, across the UK
Diwali is a Hindu, Sikh and Jain celebration known as the "festival of lights". Celebrations often include firework displays. The next day is the start of the Hindu New Year.
* See: Ideas/Album/Diwali

Ganesh (Hindu god)

Floating lanterns

Indian dancer

Sat 25 Oct -
Sun 26 Oct 2014
British Summer Time ends, across the UK
If you are in the UK, change all clocks back 1 hour. You can have one extra hour's sleep. The time change is actually during the night: at 2am on Sunday morning the time is changed to 1am. Before going to bed you should change at least your watch and alarm clock, and the clock for your heating system - you can make other changes on Sunday morning if you prefer. Note that some computers and electronic equipment automatically change their clocks during the night. Mornings become brighter, and afternoons/evenings darker. If you are calling abroad note that the time difference may have changed (for example: Japan/Korea change from 8 hours ahead of the UK to 9 hours ahead), but note that there is no change for EU countries because they also change the time by 1 hour on the same date. For the next 6 months the time in the UK is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Do not always believe the clocks which you may see in public places - sometimes there is a delay before they are changed. More information is available on the website:

Sun 26 Oct 2014 NFL International Series Game (American Football), Wembley Stadium, London
American Football game: Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions, played at Wembley Stadium. Kick-off is at 1:30pm.

Fri 31 Oct 2014 Halloween, across the UK
A tradition which is believed to have started in Ireland. The event is more popular in America than in Britain, but it is followed by an increasing number of British people in recent years. You may be invited to a Halloween party: you may be asked to dress up in scary clothes. If children knock on your door and say 'trick or treat', you may want to give them some sweets (otherwise they may play a small trick on you). Pumpkins are often used as symbols of this event - sometimes they are cut into the shape of a face and made into lanterns.

Halloween: dressing up

Halloween: decorations

Events for which dates have not been confirmed (or which may not be taking place this year) - check the links for the latest details:

- Japan Matsuri, London
Free Japanese festival in Trafalgar Square. For more details, see:
* Japanese links: Links/Japan

- October Plenty, London
A free autumn harvest celebration on the South Bank of the Thames in London. It starts at midday in front of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (nearest Tube stations: Southwark or London Bridge; map). A procession of characters such as the Corn Queene, Hobby Horse and Berry Man (a variant of the traditional Green Man) will lead people to Borough Market, where there is also a special Apple Day Food Fair. There is also a performance of a short 16th century play. For details, see:
* Photos of this event: Ideas/Album/OctoberPlenty.

October Plenty: Corn Queene

Berry Man

Apple bobbing

- Diwali on the Square, London
Diwali celebrations in London's Trafalgar Square. For further details, see:
* Photos from this event: Ideas/Album/Diwali

Selected tours this month:

Anderson Tours International Friends
Sat 4th Oct Belgium/Brugge weekend £119.00
Sat 4th Oct Windsor & Hampton Court £52.00
Sun 5th Oct A Day in Wales £52.00
Fri 10th Oct Paris by Eurostar - 3 day tour £249.00
Sat 11th Oct York by rail £49.00
Sun 12th Oct Bicester Village £35.00
Fri 17th Oct Edinburgh by Rail £199.00
Fri 17th Oct Holland & Belgium - 3 day tour £199.00
Sat 18th Oct Cambridge £35.00
Sat 18th Oct Belgian Beer Festival Weekend £119.00
Sun 19th Oct Isle of Wight £52.00
Fri 24th Oct Paris by Eurostar - 3 day tour £229.00
Sat 25th Oct A Day in Wales £52.00
Sun 26th Oct Cotswolds Villages £40.00
Fri 31st Oct Ghost Walk at Halloween - Brighton £49.00

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