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Ideas / Album / Russian Winter Festival
The Russian Winter Festival in Trafalgar Square, London

Since 2009 there has not been a Russian Winter Festival in London, but instead there has been a Maslenitsa festival (a spring festival celebrated in February/March).

The photos below were taken at the third Russian Winter Festival took place in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday 13 January 2007 from 11am-6:30pm.

Before the Russian Winter Festival there was an ice chess game in which chess was played simultaneously in Moscow's Red Square and London's Trafalgar Square with pieces made of ice. Temperatures in both capital cities were unusually warm: a draw was agreed once the pieces started melting.

Trafalgar Square was packed for the festival. About 200,000 Russian speakers currently live in London.
Two large screens were set up on either side of the stage.

The acts were introduced by British and Russian co-presenters

- Afran (folk dance group from Ossetia, performing to traditional Caucasian music)


- Cossack Soul and Chuvash State Ensemble of Song and Dance (a folk song choir)

Cossack Soul

Chuvash State Ensemble of Song and Dance

- Nadezhda Babkina and Russkaya Pesnya (Russian folk song and dance)

- Danilovskiy Monastery Choir (Russian Orthodox church male choir)

- Gzhel (ballet troupe from Moscow)

- Moscow Circus

- Suvorovsky Ensemble

- Dima Bilan

- Speeches

Ken Livingstone: Mayor of London

Deputy Mayor of Moscow


Ken Livingstone is dressed in Cossack clothes

Santa Claus

Russian former Olympic champion

- Pelageya (contemporary music group mixing rock, classical music, folk and fusion influences)

- Ranetki (a new rock'n'roll girl band)

- Tokio (Russian pop group)

- Nogu Svelo (Russian rock band)

- Garik Sukachiov (pop singer who is also an actor and film director)

- Vengerov and Fiodorov (a pair of Russian DJs)

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