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Red Nose Day fun run

Red Nose Day takes place every 2 years. People organise fun events to raises money for people in need in Africa and in the UK, and there is a special night of television on the BBC.
The next Red Nose Day will be in March 2013.
The official website is:

[ In the years for which there is no Red Nose Day there is another fundraising event called Sport Relief : - in this case, people raise money by taking part in sponsored sports activities ]

Each event has a special theme and different nose

Money raised supports projects in Africa and the UK

Many people organise activities in schools, offices or communities to raise money for Comic Relief. Examples include sponsored events, car boot or cake sales, sweepstakes and themed parties.

In 2003 there was a large fun run in central London. Below are photos from the event (for more pictures see part 2)

"Big hair do" is the theme ...

Hairy nose

Where's the carwash?


Simply Red?

Bay City Rollers?

Leo Sayer?


Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

Time to warm up ...

Dancing to Gareth Gates & the Kumars ...

"Spirit in the Sky"

Ready to rock ...

... and roll.

A fan?

Some people are just clowning around ...

... juggling their busy lives ...

... or giving lessons in colour coordination

David Beckham takes a penalty ...

... but saved by the goalie!

Comic Relief doesn't respect red tape

Time to cut the red tape ...

Lining up at the start

Gordon Ramsay (famous chef)

And they're off!

What's Gordon looking at ...?

... could it be this?

To see the second page of pictures from this event, please click here: part 2.

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