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There may be many possible reasons why you may not be able to come to the UK to study, for example:
- You cannot afford the fees and living costs
- You have family commitments which prevent you from leaving your home area
- You have a medical problem or a disability of some kind which makes it difficult for you to travel
- You cannot obtain a visa allowing you to study in the UK

However you may still be able to study for British qualifications by taking a distance learning course.
Generally these work as follows:
- You find a distance learning provider which is offering a course which you want to take (see below)
- You pay a fee to cover the cost of registration, course materials and tuition
- You study at home by yourself, using the course materials (these may be provided as workbooks, CDs or online)
- You complete assignments, and send these to your tutor for assessment (through the post or by e-mail)
- Your tutor checks your work and provides comments to help you (by post, e-mail or by telephone)
- If you need to take an exam, this may be arranged in your country
- Your course materials and exam results are marked and checked by the
- If you have reached the required level, your qualification is sent to you.

Before paying for a distance learning course, make sure that it is a proper school and that its qualifications are accredited (you should check with the accrediting institution). There have been cases of fraudsters taking money from students by inventing impressive-sounding names of schools and offering "qualifications" which have no value.

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The International Centre for Distance Learning (ICDL) produces a directory of UK distance learning courses:

Further sources of course information and useful links:
HotCourses website (see the "distance & online" section):
Open and Distance Learning Quality Council: (accreditation organisation):
Study2u website:
i-UK ("open and distance learning" page):

One major provider of distance learning courses is the University of London. For information, see:

The Open University is the largest distance learning institution in the UK. See: Most courses are designed for people who are living in the UK, European Union or Switzerland.

Online English courses are becoming increasingly common.

The BBC produces a lot of educational programmes. For details of how to make use of these, see:

Note that in some countries there are British schools, colleges or universities which providing their courses locally.

Directory of UK Distance Learning Courses 2004
Author: Open University
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How to Manage Your Distance and Open Learning Course
Author: Lucinda Becker
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
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Online College: What You Need to Know Before Beginning a Virtual Distance Learning Degree Program
Author: Mark W. Timmis
Publisher: Lightning Source UK Ltd
Date: July 2004
Studying at a Distance: A Guide for Students
Author: Christine Talbot
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