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Find out about British history
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Early Britain (before 1066)
  The Middle Ages (1066-1485)
  The Tudors and Stuarts (1485-1714)
  The Georgians (1714-1837)
  The Victorian age (1837-1914)
  Modern Britain (1914-present)


Buy products & services connected with British history (all periods):

If you have a basic understanding about British history it will increase your enjoyment when you are visiting the UK. If you look careful you will see that history is all around you - old buildings, monuments, pub signs and so on. There are many interesting historical places to visit for a day-trip or while you are travelling around, and often history is brought to life through re-enactments.

Studying about British history or watching British historical films can be a good way to learn English. One interesting way to learn about modern British history and to learn English is to watch the old newsreels, which can be downloaded free from the internet (for personal use). For information about how to do this, see: Britain/History/News.

History programmes are popular on television. A lot of information is contained on the BBC's site: The BBC also produce a popular magazine called BBC History (see below). BBC Radio 4 produced a series about the history of Britain called "This Sceptred Isle"; CDs, tapes from this are available (see below), and have produced a useful website based on this:

More details about English kings and queens is available on the website: Channel 4 produced a popular history series called Monarchy:

Note that the following organisations are responsible for many of the historic buildings in Britain, so if you would like to visit some of these you can obtain a lot of information from their websites:
- England: English Heritage:
- Scotland: Historic Scotland:
- Wales: Cadw:

Britain's Kings and Queens
Publisher: Pitkin Guides
Date: December 1990

Great Britons
Publisher: Pitkin Guides
Date: November 2003
The Young Oxford History of Britain and Ireland
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: July 1998
Kings and Queens of England
Author: Brenda Ralph Lewis
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Date: September 2003

The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History
Authors: Simon Hall, John Haywood
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date: October 2001

History of Britain: The Complete Series (6 DVDs)
Presenter/author: Simon Schama
Publisher: BBC
Date: November 2002
This Sceptred Isle: 55BC-1999 (Boxed Set) (CDs)
Publisher: BBC Audio
Date: February 2002
BBC History (monthly magazine)
Student subsciptions available
(Help: Shop/Company/NordicSubs)
(Magazine website: BBC Shop)
An Illustrated History of Britain
Author: David McDowall
Publisher: Longman
Date: February 1989
Battlefield Britain
Authors: Peter Snow, Dan Snow
Publisher: BBC Books
Date: September 2004

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